Our house “In the Heart of Silence” is situated in a quiet spot in the French Ardennes, in a small village, surrounded by hills, deciduous forests, lakes and rivers. A forest path starts right behind the house. In the area you will find deer, wild boars, badgers, martens, foxes and squirrels. Buzzards can be seen circling above the fields.

In our house we offer silent retreats, workshops and coaching sessions. You can also stay here for a shorter or longer period of time on an individual basis.

In recent years the house has become a place where you can effortlessly come to connect with yourself. The pleasant atmosphere, the loving guidance and the peaceful nature – everything is aimed at supporting your process in a heartfelt manner.

The house was built in the 1920s by the then mayor of the village. Subsequently, it has served as a meeting place for the family for decades. The family visits us regularly and feels connected to our work.

Quotes from Visitors
“The house offers an exceptionally quiet, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I always enjoy being with Jyoti and Satyananda (Aafke). I enjoy the time to calm down and go within more deeply. I spent many a winter’s day in the meditation room and in front of the fireplace. During summer I spent many days in the garden, where time seems to stand still. The hosts and the house make it easy for me to feel free and at home, and to reconnect with what I am.”