Silent Retreats with Jyoti

Jyoti offers a number of silent retreats throughout the year. The dates can be found in the agenda. A retreat is a period of withdrawal, away from everyday life for a while, so that you can meet yourself.

The most important characteristic of this daily life is the constant bombardment with stimuli from outside (newspapers, television, internet, social media) and from inside (thoughts and accompanying feelings). Although it is very difficult for some to let go of this flow of stimuli, a retreat is without exception experienced as beneficial, as a kind of mental detoxification.

Each day has a fixed format (which may vary per retreat), with at least several meditations and two work sessions (satsang or workshop). In between there is room to (further) relax in your own way and according to your own needs. This often consists of walking, relaxing and/or sleeping. During the retreat, silence is observed, which means that you will refrain from communicating most of the time. What should not remain unnamed: delicious food, music and exercise bring the retreat into balance.

In addition, “intensive weekends” are being offered. In these intensives the rhythm of a retreat is maintained so that an intensive process can be initiated in a short period of time. These weekends usually start on Friday afternoon and end with lunch on Monday. Sometimes, for example during the Easter weekend, it may be a program of four or five days.